This FDA approved fat reducing technology offers safe and lasting results, gently and successfully targeting the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected. The controlled cooling process causes crystallization of the lipids in the fat cells, damaging the cells and leading to gradual, safe elimination by the body’s normal metabolic processes. 

There is no anesthesia needed or recovery time. During the procedure, tissue is drawn into a cup with mild vacuum pressure. Patients may also be slightly uncomfortable with the contact of the cold as the procedure begins, which usually goes away after the first 10 minutes or so. The entire treatment process lasts an average of 1 ½ hours, sometimes longer depending on the number of areas treated. After the treatment is completed, patients may immediately return to their normal activities including work and exercise. This reduction of fat flattens and smoothes the fat bulges and patients will see improvement within 2-4 months.

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Fat Reduction without Surgery! Debra Messing's CoolSculpting® Experience

As an actress with a demanding schedule, Debra Messing finds the time to create balance in her daily routine. A healthy diet, spending time with loved ones, and keeping up with a robust filming schedule is a lot to maintain – and everyone needs a little help sometimes.

That’s why Debra loves CoolSculpting®, because with treatment times as little as 35 minutes per treated area, she can reduce stubborn bulges that are resistant to her healthy lifestyle.

*Results will vary