Abdomen and Flanks/Hips (Love Handles): The desire for a flat stomach and lack of love handles is universal for men and women. This trouble zone is a popular area for Sciton ProLipo® because of its minimally invasive process. Dr. Hansen makes multiple small incisions in the abdomen and then uses the laser to liquefy the fat, which is then removed by suction for a firmer, tighter stomach and slimmer waist.

Arms, Bra Fat and Axillary Fat: Instead of hiding jiggly arms, bra fat and axillary fat, let Dr. Hansen use the Sciton ProLipo®to tone up and firm your upper arms. To do so, he places the small Sciton ProLipo® laser fiber through tiny incisions in the upper arm. The laser then liquefies fat deposits and a suction removes them with minimal trauma and bruising. Your arms will be ready to go sleeveless almost immediately!

Chin, Cheeks, Jowls and Neck: Most people would not think of using traditional liposuction to get rid of excess fat around the face and neck because of the excessive bruising, swelling and pain. But with the Sciton ProLipo®, double chins are a thing of the past. The precisely place incisions allows Dr. Hansen to gently and carefully remove unwanted fat without bruising, swelling or pain. Results are more contoured, sculpted features and firmer, tighter skin.

Thighs, Knees: Thighs and knees other popular areas for Sciton ProLipo® because they have a tendency to hold onto stubborn fat in some people, especially women. Dr. Hansen can minimize this problem using small incisions in each thigh or knee and then liquefying and removing unwanted fat with suction. Results are smaller, firmer and more trim-looking thighs and knees.

Male Breasts: Many men with excessive fat deposits across the chest would rather skip a day at the beach then take their shirts off in public. The embarrassment of male breasts can be avoided thanks to the Sciton ProLipo® laser. Small incisions are made in the chest area and the laser is guided inside, where it melts fat deposits and then the liquid is suctioned out with very minimal bruising. Flatter, more sculpted chest muscles are revealed for a more self-confident new you!