Microblading is a meticulous tattooing process available to anyone looking for a semi-permanent solution to sparse eyebrows. Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing involving the use of ink and very small needles which are three times thinner than those used in machines to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. The ink is deposited into the upper layers of the skin with a hand tool with ultra-fine needles and each 'hair' is gently etched into the skin, giving an incredibly natural and realistic look to the eyebrows.  

Since microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade over time. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on the skin type (normal, oily, dry), age (youthful/mature). Skincare routine also will affect the lasting effect of the pigment; patients who tan use products such as AHA or glycolic acids will fade faster as your skin will resurface faster. Each individual’s color retention within the skin will vary. To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch-up is suggested every 12-18 months. Clients can let the microbladed area fade over time, but please note a slight shadow may remain. 

The pain level for the procedure is considered mild. Prior to the procedure the technician will apply topical anesthetic to numb the area, and also reapplied during the procedure. Everyone responds differently to anesthetic; depending on the client. After the procedure, redness and slight swelling in the area is normal. Clients will describe this feeling similar to a light sunburn.  

The eyebrow area will be slightly red after the procedure and color will appear very dark. This is normal for the procedure and part of the healing process. The color will fade by up to 40% as it heals. In the following days, the eyebrows will continue to be dark and you will notice slight scabbing. Do not pick at the scabs as this may damage the skin and the outcome of the microbladed area. The eyebrows will lighten up in color as they heal. No down time is required after the microblading procedure.  It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the color to fully set in. You'll notice the ink color is very light for approximately two weeks following the healing; the skin will have an opaque milky looking quality to it. This is known as the milk skin and is common in tattooing. This is due to the tissue still healing from the inside out even though the surface of the skin is healed. True color will reveal itself once healed. 

Yes, the client is to come for a follow up visit in order to have any minor necessary touch-ups. The second Microblading session takes place 6 weeks after the initial session because everyone heals differently and outcome will vary. Certain areas may not pick up during first session and will need to be refilled. Pigment color may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added. This session will take approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete. Most importantly, your touch-up session is when you refine your brows to ensure it looks perfect and retains the color.  

Touch up sessions should not be done earlier than 4 weeks after initial microblading session as pigment color has not fully settled into the skin. Most importantly, this is to prevent scar damage as the tissue requires time to completely heal.  

For the first Microblading session, the entire procedure will take 2 ½ to 3 hours. During the procedure, the brow technician will shape and style the client’s eyebrows for client approval. Then follow with pigment color selection. Once the client is satisfied with the choices, we begin the procedure.  

Your beautiful eyebrows will last longer if you apply sunscreen daily and avoid abrasive facial treatments in the brow area.