Experience the Secret to a More Defined Jawline and Neck…No Surgery Required!!

Most of us are already quite aware that as we age everything heads south. Although we combat a plethora of visual signs of aging, those emerging jowls and sagging chin or “turkey neck” are among some of the most unflattering. As we age, those precious fat pads that used to fill and define our cheekbones, giving us our healthy youthful look, begin a slow descent depositing precisely where we don’t want them. Thankfully there is now a non-surgical solution available that is highly effective in addressing these unwanted pockets of fat.

LipoDissolve is an injectable solution that is fabulous at targeting those small deposits of fat cells that settle over time in the jowls and neck area. The solution is injected under the skin and over the next several weeks will break down the targeted fat cells which will then be flushed from your body naturally. The end result is a defined jawline and a more sculpted appearance to your overall facial structure. It’s an excellent non-surgical alternative for these smaller trouble spots.

Call Lazaderm Skincare Centre today for your free consultation with Dr. Hansen. He will take the time to discuss your concerns with you and give you his professional guidance in deciding if LipoDissolve is right for your. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to celebrate each passing year by looking and feeling our best!