Right now it’s all about the brows. Beautiful bold brows are the key to eyes that pop and when done right, the perfect frame to show off all of your fabulous facial features. From celebrities, models and selfie enthusiasts alike, the power of the brow is center stage. You can even share your own flawless brows with #EyebrowsOnFleek and join the movement. However, striving for an impeccable pair of brows means extra time in front of the mirror. And let’s face it, who has time to shade and tweak while getting kids ready for school, making sure your socks match and arriving to work on time!

Lazaderm offers a permanent solution to keeping your brows on point without the fuss. Eyebrow tattooing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for those of us short on time and desiring a smidgen of low maintenance in our make-up routine. You may have heard terms starting to pop up like “microblading” or the “hair stroke” method. These simply refer to the technique used while applying the permanent pigments to your skin in the shape of perfect, natural brows.

Our certified aesthetician Katie is highly skilled and uses her flawless expertise and training in permanent cosmetics to give you the impeccable brows you’re hoping for. She will tailor the color and shape to enhance and compliment your own coloring, features and face shape. The results will give you that finishing face framing touch without the hassle of eyebrow pencils, powders and gels.

And once you’re in-love with your brows, ask Katie about the options available for permanent eyeliner, lip-liner, and full lip coloring. Think about all the free time you’ll have in the morning, you may just be able to have that second cup of coffee!! Call today and schedule your free consultation.