This October, Lazaderm Skincare Centre is celebrating breast cancer awareness with our Pico Goes Pink campaign. We understand that a breast cancer survivor’s journey back to healing and wholeness is challenging both physically and emotionally. Dr. Hansen and the Lazaderm staff want to help in this restorative process by offering free PicoSure laser treatments to remove the radiation tattoos used during treatment.

These strategic markings are placed on the breast skin to ensure accurately placed radiation treatment, while also sparing healthy tissue. When women are declared cancer free they often want to wipe the slate clean, saying goodbye to the markings of the disease they have so courageously overcome.

The most advanced laser available for the removal of tattoos, the PicoSure laser utilizes ultra-short pulses of energy, hitting the ink markings and shattering them into tiny dust-like particles. Because these particles are so small they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body. This means a more effective elimination of the tattoo and less treatments.

Every women’s story of survival deserves to be celebrated for not just one month but the entire year, every year. That’s why Dr. Lornell Hansen II is providing these free PicoSure treatments the entire year for all breast cancer survivors. It’s just one more way to open the door to a fresh start with the quick and effective removal of these radiation tattoos.

The future is bright! Call Lazaderm Skincare Centre today to schedule your free consultation and PicoSure treatment. The next page in your story is about to begin!